The EDGE Corps Application is not your typical job application. Our hope, whether EDGE Corps is where God leads you or not, is that this application will cause you to reflect on who you are in Christ and how you relate to others, especially those who don’t know our Lord.
Through questions on evangelism, spiritual maturity, doctrinal understanding, leadership, life experiences and more, this application will help us learn more about who you really are – not just who your resume says you are!

If you have questions throughout the application process, please contact us at

Deadline for Applications:

  • Applications begin in early October for the following school year
  • March 1 is the application deadline
  • For early applications, interviews begin in January
  • Decisions are made in March and April


  • 1 year commitment (optional second year)
  • Assigned to and attend one of three Orientation/Training Summits in Colorado Springs, CO
         * May 14-22, 2019
         * May 19-27, 2019
         * June 19-27, 2019
  • Raise support throughout the summer
  • Start campus ministry with the beginning of the fall semester
  • Please refrain from summer vacations, mission trips, etc.
  • 40 hour/week starts after Summit