A Week in the Life of an EDGEr

Many students wonder if EDGErs spend all of their time in coffee shops or on intramural fields playing Ultimate Frisbee. And while we do typically frequent those places, we also spend our time fulfilling a variety of responsibilities in other places. Take a look at the sample weekly schedule below. 

Click here to see a bigger version (with a color code key) of the above Sample EDGE Weekly Schedule.
As a former EDGEr, I can testify to the fact that the majority of time on EDGE Corps is spent with students. The number of one-on-ones each EDGEr has weekly varies (per their capacity), but all of them spend a significant amount of time discipling students.
They also invest time in living life with students, meeting their neighbors with them, cooking for them, playing sports with them, and being deliberate about building relationships with others alongside them. It might sound silly, but you could meet a student who’s starving for Jesus while painting someone’s nails on a dorm room floor. Or while playing volleyball! Or while watching volleyball because you’re terrible at sports, like me. 
EDGErs attend – and sometimes help orchestrate – large group meetings, catching up with students, checking in briefly on others, meeting some new-comers. They also lead Bible studies for students, striving to know their study members well. And then, of course, they spend weekly time initiating conversations about the Gospel with new people on campus. 
Outside of time with students, each EDGEr participates in weekly staff meetings. In my experience, those meetings were extremely helpful because they kept us all moving in the same direction and meeting the needs of the ministry effectively. EDGErs also consistently work on event/training prep (for example, some EDGErs help to run training for students each week and need time to prepare for that). 
A piece of the EDGE Corps experience that I loved was the personal Bible study that’s required each week. EDGE teams go through content that has been formulated specifically for their training. They also meet with a mentor who helps them to schedule their time, do ministry effectively, and most importantly, walk closely with Jesus. 
After the initial full-time work on fundraising slows down, an EDGEr whose funding situation is healthy typically devotes some time every week on keeping up with donors, sending newsletters/updates, checking in, having an occasional funding appointment in which they’ll ask a new friend to support them, etc. They also spend time filling out expense reports for the money they’ve used on ministry endeavors.
Ultimately, the job is fast-paced and the schedule can be unpredictable at times, but it is also highly developmental. I, personally, was profoundly blessed by the opportunity to help students know and walk with Jesus, and by the deepening of my own faith and skillset that EDGE Corps brought about. 
-A Former Rocky Mountain Region EDGEr