EDGE Training

EDGE Corps is an internship devoted to training its participants up as strong and motivated leaders. One of the program’s strengths is developing highly-coveted and marketable qualities in its members. Many EDGErs’ parents ask if the experience will further their child’s career. Whether a potential EDGEr wants to pursue a job in the corporate world, teach, attend medical school, participate in full-time ministry long term, or pursue a profusion of other careers, EDGE Corps equips them to do so. 
The EDGE Corps experience fosters development of a wide variety of skills including communicating and cooperating within a team, planning and orchestrating events, brainstorming ideas, public speaking, networking, meeting and connecting with people, mentoring, increasing in self-awareness and motivation, leading discussion groups, managing time well, overseeing groups of people, delegating, and developing effective study habits. Many of those abilities are developed in a hands-on manner as EDGErs interact with students and teammates on campus. Some of them stem from intentional training sessions that campus trainers host for their staff team. Others come from weekly meetings with a mentor, with mentees, and with an in-depth Bible study group.  
A portion of the strengthening and equipping that EDGErs experience, however, happens at EDGE Summits. Summits are training conferences the EDGE Directors Team plans twice a year. The team spends months recruiting gifted teachers and ministry leaders to come and instruct EDGErs. They speak on a variety of topics, including healthy perspective, spiritual growth, personal development, and a wide range of practical skills,, etc. 

At an EDGE Summit in Fall 2015
As a result, Summits offer an intensive lineup of training workshops and lectures, as well as opportunities to mingle with more experienced Navigator staff and leaders. These training conferences also provide encouraging interaction with fellow EDGErs who often struggle with similar obstacles on campus, and a context in which they can relax among peers (instead of feeling, as they usually do, a need to be responsible for all of the young people around them). These conferences typically take place in Colorado Springs at the historic Glen Eyrie Castle. 
A couple of EDGErs’ thoughts on their experiences at Summit:
“I think the Lord has reminded me of the need for faith in the gospel and allowed the fellowship with other believers to really help me feel refreshed.”
When asked what he gleaned from the conference, this EDGEr said, “Not being conceited so that I can love those around me (either on my staff team or the students) without worrying about my standing or how I am being perceived.”
“I think that the Lord continued to heal me from my tendency towards perfectionism and people pleasing. It was so encouraging to hear from others who struggle with the same things and to know that I'm not alone or crazy! I think that I got a lot of resources to move forward and continue leaning into Jesus as he makes grace my new default :) Thank you for being an organization that cares about my heart and not just how hard I work!”
“The morning devotional about the law was the best message I have ever heard about this topic. It brought greater understanding and freedom. The workshop on how to rest was really beneficial as well in terms of building a better understanding through wise teaching and processing practical steps for the near future.”
“I really enjoyed the decision-making workshop. It was both conceptual and practical in helpful ways.”