What is EDGE Corps®

Millions of students come into their college careers open to new ideas and looking for answers.  The Navigators’ hope is to make the most of that openness by reaching out to these hungry students and showing them that the life they’re looking for is in Christ.

As a ministry of The Navigators®*, EDGE Corps® is passionate about the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom and is burdened to see the Gospel transform the lives of university students.  As a result, EDGE Corps® is a 1 or 2 year ministry opportunity to call out a new generation of Jesus-followers and to watch God change lives and advance His Kingdom on the college campus.

EDGE Corps® is an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone as you invest in others for the sake of Christ, sacrifice to reach college students, initiate new relationships and serve your leaders, teammates and students.  You will join a team of Navigator staff members who are seeking to reach their campus for Christ and experience the blessings and challenges of serving as part of a team.

Should you choose to join us, you will immediately begin an adventure of faith that will stretch you to trust God to use your life as an ambassador for Christ.  You will also be stretched as you trust God to provide for your finances in both your personal and ministry budget.

*(For more information on The Navigators® please visit our web page at: www.navigators.org)